Tech Talk

We’ve started a new segment in our 2017 monthly meetings to dive a little deeper into certain aspects of the hobby. These sessions are not intended to be completely exhaustive on any one topic, but more as a guide for a slightly deeper look into technologies, procedures, and different areas of the R/C hobby the members may find interesting.

Each “Tech Talk” portion of our monthly meeting is a short presentation overview, open discussion, and as appropriate a live demonstration. The presentation/notes for each will be available here.

  1. Difference between DSM, DSM2, and DSMX – 2017-01-31 – DSM DSM2 DSMX
  2. Getting started in FPV – 2017-02-28 – FPV
  3. Rechargeable battery options – 2017-03-28 – Battery Chemistry
  4. Battery care and feeding – 2017-04-25 – Battery Charging and Storage

Please email any comments, corrections, or subjects for future discussions to Jeff