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The Chatham Aeronauts Flying Club was founded in 1955 and incorporated as a non profit corporation in the province of Ontario in 2011.
The purpose of the club is to provide a safe environment for the enjoyment and advancement of Radio Controlled model aircraft.

The Chatham Aeronauts is a chartered club ( #137) of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, and as such complies with all of the safety and legal requirements for insurance coverage provided by M.A.A.C.

Our club members are active in flying scale and sport aircraft, sailplanes and helicopters.
We welcome visitors, and new members, and can provide training if necessary.
Further information can be found by clicking here or on the links above.

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  • Jim Carnegie : One week until Christmas, time for some people to start to behave themselves.
  • john g : You guys been drinking from the same tainted well ?
  • AL THAIN : Only if your philantrapis has been on the same diet as your dinosopheris and that would be on greens.. not J G eens
  • Baron VonCliff : "philantrapis" is that like a dinosopheris?
  • AL THAIN : As a philantrapis I believe you ulwould become very unsuccsessfull on the other hand you may become successful if you weren't un succsessfull
  • Baron VonCliff : If I tried to became unsuccessful and became successful in that. So what did I became, successful or unsuccessful ???
  • Baron VonCliff : good one
  • john g : «link»
  • AL THAIN : didn't feel like flying alone.. biut it was nice
  • Jim Carnegie : Hey Al, did you fly today? This afternoon sure would have been ideal. A Spring day in December, my kind of winter.

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