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60 th Anniversary !! 

The Chatham Aeronauts Flying Club was founded in 1955 and incorporated as a non profit corporation in the province of Ontario in 2011.
The purpose of the club is to provide a safe environment for the enjoyment and advancement of Radio Controlled model aircraft.

The Chatham Aeronauts is a chartered club ( #137) of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, and as such complies with all of the safety and legal requirements for insurance coverage provided by M.A.A.C.

Our club members are active in flying scale and sport aircraft, sailplanes and helicopters.
We welcome visitors, and new members, and can provide training if necessary.
Further information can be found by clicking here or on the links above.

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                                              Ridgetown Weather Station CXRG HERE

Chatham Airport    ” CYCK ”   Weather HERE


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Last Message
4 hours, 36 minutes
  • Baron VonCliff : Still have not heard if anyone is going to the Sarnia Scale tomorrow? Yes? No?
  • Howard Freed : Flying at around 9a:m.
  • Baron VonCliff : It's only a day away.
  • john g : Tomorrow...never comes !
  • Baron VonCliff : is tomorrow today or yesterday?
  • john g : I'll be cutting grass tomorrow AM :mrgreen:
  • Baron VonCliff : Great morning of flying
  • Baron VonCliff : Jim better bring a plane
  • john g : Must fly Tuesday...only chance this week. :mrgreen:
  • Jim Carnegie : I will be out Tuesday morning for you guys to show my grandson how well you fly :roll:
  • Baron VonCliff : I will fly Tuesday if anyone says they are going
  • Chris Parsons : Got a day off work. I'm out flying this afternoon.
  • john g : How about Tuesday ? :mrgreen:
  • Baron VonCliff : OK no takers I will do something else :sad:
  • Baron VonCliff : Who's flying Monday? I will go out if anyone else is
  • Bob : Flying this morning..
  • Baron VonCliff : Do not forget the Bluewater r/c Flyers Scale event Aug 1, Whos going? I plan on it :-)
  • Bob : added CYCK (Chatham Airport) Metar enter CYCK and check plain language
  • JJBANNER : Is B.V. Cliff bringing the donuts today? :roll:
  • Jim Carnegie : The field is in very good shape. All the grass and weeds on the East side of the field have been removed thanks to Phil, Howard, and Kyle. Got the tractor stuck in the furrow next to Bob's Bog but got it out without too much trouble :roll:

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