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Dawn Patrol and Cub day  Saturday Oct. 10

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The Chatham Aeronauts Flying Club was founded in 1955 and incorporated as a non profit corporation in the province of Ontario in 2011.
The purpose of the club is to provide a safe environment for the enjoyment and advancement of Radio Controlled model aircraft.

The Chatham Aeronauts is a chartered club ( #137) of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, and as such complies with all of the safety and legal requirements for insurance coverage provided by M.A.A.C.

Our club members are active in flying scale and sport aircraft, sailplanes and helicopters.
We welcome visitors, and new members, and can provide training if necessary.
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Last Message
3 hours, 46 minutes
  • Baron VonCliff : Whos flying Wed? I may have to go to New b
  • Roger Gooch : I have posted the September meeting minutes.
  • Baron VonCliff : I am flying Tuesday even if alone :-) :-)
  • john g : Maybe Wednesday if the weather holds. So far the wkend is loooking oold too :mrgreen:
  • Baron VonCliff : Anyone flying Tuesday,Apparent ly the marine division is abandoning the skys to sink boats. I will be flying as winds are suppose to be near dead calm
  • art reaume : i will be out around 9:00/9:3
  • Baron VonCliff : Me and maybe teh rest of the week as the forecast is looking good for several days
  • art reaume : flying tomorrow (monday) im off and Margaret is working ???
  • Bob : Another work shop day wet and windy :sad:
  • Jim Carnegie : Absolutely, any time this afternoon. South end of the house by my truck, come on down :-)
  • Bob : Anyone willing to hold a BS session in their workshop ?
  • Darcy Want : How about the little spitfire landing in the corn field near the airport? Too bad. I bet it will take a long time to get back in the air.
  • Jim Carnegie : Looks like another work shop day in the ship yard.
  • rick : Dan Dow 519-359-3458 He has following items for sale as a total package in box, Super Tiger 3000 Battery charger airplane kits starters and fuel tanks and accessories
  • Mark Maynard : You are going to have to put on some weight Bob to fly kites in this wind. :-)
  • Bob : Anyone for kites ?
  • Mal Barker : My wife left the phone of the hook ?, why didn't you email me Al ?.
  • AL THAIN : now 6 hours
  • AL THAIN : anyone know why Mals phone line has been busy for over 3 hours now
  • Baron VonCliff : Whats the difference between a hippo and a zipo? A hippo is heavy and a zipo is a little lighter!

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